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Artificial Intelligence Industry in the UK 2018

Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics in dialogue with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI have produced first-of-its-kind, 2200-page report on the state of the Artificial Intelligence Industry in the United Kingdom.

A major insight highlighted by the report is that the UK is rapidly becoming a global AI-powerhouse, currently ranking #3 globally, but with considerable prospects of becoming an international leader in some specific niches including Healthcare and FinTech, and in the development of AI ethics, governance and safety frameworks on a global scale. In particular, it has substantial potential to set the gold standard for “Good Trusted AI”, to develop international laws for the prevention of oppression, discrimination and biases resulting from the unethical use of AI, and to become a leading engine of the 4th industrial revolution, economic growth and social progress globally.

The report is the largest industry analysis conducted to date, featuring individual profiles of the 1000 companies, 600 investors, 80 influencers, 35 tech hubs and research institutes, and multiple private and government entities, leading the development of the UK AI-industry. The goal of this report is to give a clear perspective and in-depth snapshot of the current state of the AI industry in the UK in Q3 2018, and to identify the main players (companies, investors, influencers, hubs, government entities) involved in the industry and to outline main trends.

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