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Innovation Eye Limited is a company jointly founded in March 2019 by Big Innovation Centre Limited and Deep Knowledge Analytics Ltd. to provide sophisticated market analytics, industry intelligence, comparative industry classification frameworks and benchmark case studies, developing advanced tools for analysis and visualization of technology and innovation ecosystems through reports, custom-made consultancy products and services, and dynamic interactive online IT-platforms.


The aim is to optimize the strategic agendas of international corporations and technocratic governments seeking to implement, stabilise and optimise their global positions in advanced technology-driven industries. An aim is in particular to support the implementation of the digital economy across the world, and support developing nations to leapfrog development.


Big Innovation Centre has substantial expertise in these areas, having run cross-industry taskforces since 2011 on building innovation and investment ecosystems, future proofing corporate businesses models, and being the secretariat company for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence. Meanwhile, Deep Knowledge Analytics has established itself as the leader of sophisticated DeepTech industry intelligence and analytics relating to DeepTech sectors including AI, FinTech and GovTech.


Innovation Eye unites the respective resources of these two companies into a single optimized body to foresee the development, and the changing trends and dynamics of deep technology-driven industries, economies and innovation ecosystems, to systematize, analyse and visualize these insights in order to optimize the strategic agendas of international corporations and technocratic governments seeking to implement, stabilize and optimize their global positions in advanced technology-driven industries.




Innovation Eye will expand upon the substantial achievements made between Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics in 2018, which included the production of two landmark reports: the 960-page Blockchain Industry in UK Landscape Overview Q2 2018, produced in coordination with the All-Parties Parliamentary Group on Blockchain, and the 2200-page Artificial intelligence Industry in UK Landscape Overview Q3 2018, produced in coordination with the All-Parties Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence, both of which were presented in the UK Parliament.


Innovation Eye began its activities with the production of a first-of-its-kind interactive IT platform that unites big data analytics and sophisticated data visualization and the construction of next-generation dynamic infographic mind-maps which are searchable and filterable according to a wide variety of relevant parameters. The platform will also feature bottom-up and automated industry stakeholder smart-matching and will be first applied to the UK Artificial Intelligence industry.


Following this, Innovation Eye will produce similar platforms for specific technology-driven industries and innovation ecosystems for other regions for multinational corporations and governments. The company will also produce tailor-made analytical reports suited to the strategic interests of their corporate and governmental clients, as well offer advanced consultancy services in order to deliver targeted recommendations for clients seeking to implement, stabilize and optimize their global positions in advanced technology-driven industries.


Furthermore, given the prominence of digital, virtual and AI-enabled technologies today, the geographic and development limits of smaller and/or developing countries apparent a few years ago are almost completely surpassed now, allowing some particular countries to almost literally leapfrog over the standard step-by-step pace of economic development.


Meanwhile, the challenges and opportunities for larger developed nations, and for successful global corporations, is even more profound, necessitating an even deeper and more sophisticated method and approaches for ecosystem mapping, tangible technological forecasting, and the formulation of efficient and relevant national industrial development strategies.


​In summary, Innovation Eye:

  • implements advanced ecosystem mapping projects relating to interactive online IT-platforms using dynamic infographic mind-maps and smart-matching capabilities for industry stakeholders

  • does tangible technological forecasting of advanced tech-driven industries and innovation economies

  • informs international corporations and governments on how to become and remain competitive and utilise their resources in a maximally efficient and synergetic manner


By combining AI-driven big data analytics with advanced infographic mind-maps and the production of state-of-the-art data visualization and dynamic data analytics, industry intelligence platforms, Innovation Eye aims to provide multinational corporate and governmental clients with an advanced - and user-friendly -  suite of tools, frameworks and solutions for formulating, optimising and stabilising their development and execution plans underlying their specific strategic interests.




Innovation Eye combines the most relevant group of specialists and resources of both Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics, ranging from expert industry analysts to IT-specialists, sophisticated infographic designers and data visualization specialists. The team creates the most optimized and harmonious combination, capable of executing Innovation Eye’s strategic agenda.



Professor Birgitte Andersen


Entrepreneur, business leader with academic credentials and public profile

CEO and co-founder of Big Innovation Centre since 2011, which she is leading as an open innovation and investment hub, with offices in London, Riyadh and Dubai. Builds digital platforms where she sees gaps or opportunities. International expert in business model innovation and e-commerce, IP governance and the intangible economy. PhD in Economics and holds a Professorship at University of London (Birkbeck). Has co-lead several EU framework programmes, advises international governments,  and currently sits of several international Expert Panels including for EU, The Arab League and in UK Parliament.


Dmitry Kaminskiy

Entrepreneur, experience in building digital platforms, and sector expert

An innovative entrepreneur active in the fields of biotech, precision medicine, longevity, blockchain and AI. He is founder of Deep Knowledge Ventures Limited, a Hong Kong based investment company focused on DeepTech and advanced science projects. Dmitry is frequent speaker at international conferences deep-tech topics. He believes business should be aligned with societal good and humanitarianism, and his activities in both business and the non-profit sector are aimed at the shared goal of advancing exponential and disruptive technologies to accelerate positive paradigm shifts in finance, healthcare and AI.

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