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London, April 15 2019 – Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics unite forces and establish new joint company “InnovationEye”, which will proceed in an accelerated and synergetic mode to convert into reality substantial opportunities relating to analysis of advanced technological industries and economies as well as regional and global innovation ecosystems.

Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics have been engaged in a very productive collaboration for the past year, having executed a number of notable joint projects, including the production of two landmark reports: the 960-page Blockchain Industry in UK Landscape Overview Q2 2018, produced in coordination with the All-Parties Parliamentary Group on Blockchain, and the 2200-page Artificial intelligence Industry in UK Landscape Overview Q3 2018, produced in coordination with the All-Parties Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence, both of which were presented in the UK Parliament.

This work was extremely challenging considering that the scope of the UK AI-Landscape project exceeded the workload estimated at the beginning of the project by roughly 3x, as during its production the groups discovered that there are more than 1000 AI-companies and 600 AI-investors active in the United Kingdom. The groups’ AI report necessitated formulating multiple novel methods of industry analysis and classification frameworks, not just for the UK AI-industry in particular, but also to illustrate its position within the global AI-landscape. But the research and analysis that went into the report ultimately provided tangible evidence that the UK is now in the #3 position in the global AI-race, with strong capabilities to maintain this level of development for years to come to the benefit of the overall UK economy, even despite such negative factors as Brexit.

During the time of this collaboration, Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics discovered substantial opportunities at the intersection of DeepTech, disruption of traditional industries at the convergence of financial services, FinTech and IT, with some implications for GovTech (E-Governance technologies) being empowered by blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Big Innovation Centre has the most advanced understanding of these respective spheres in the UK, being the secretariat company for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence in the UK parliament, and having developed prominent relations with like-minded government organizations in other countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arabian Emirates, China and a number of others, with significant capabilities to expand their approaches, methods and strategies globally.

Meanwhile, Deep Knowledge Analytics has established itself as the leading entity capable to conduct advanced analytical reports, applying specialized methods and classification frameworks for DeepTech industries, having the capacity to execute the case studies and assessments of entire industries and economies in an accelerated mode, with a focus on tangible technological forecasting.

Both companies had their own separate agendas, but taking into account the substantial demand from many international corporations and governments of progressive countries with strategic interests in securing stable positions in the most technology-driven industries, Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics have made the natural and logical decision to join forces and transition from a collaborative relationship to a mode of intensive and tangible partnership, and to establish a joint company - InnovationEye - to unite their respective resources in a maximum synergetic manner, in order to realize these opportunities, and to convert them into reality.

Through the new company “Innovation Eye”, Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics will jointly implement a substantial scope of advanced projects relating to interactive online IT-platforms with dynamic infographic MindMaps and smart-matching capabilities for industry stakeholders and tangible technological forecasting of advanced tech-driven industries and innovation economies, and on advising international corporations and governments on how to become and remain competitive and utilize their resources in a maximally efficient and synergetic manner. And, given the prominence of digital, virtual and AI-enabled technologies today, the geographic limits of smaller and/or developing countries apparent a few years ago are almost completely surpassed now, and in some cases even considered as advantages rather than disadvantages, allowing some particular countries to almost literally leapfrog over the standard step-by-step pace of development. Meanwhile, the challenges and opportunities for larger developed nations, and for successful global corporations, is even more extreme, necessitating an even deeper and more sophisticated method and approaches for tangible technological forecasting and the formulation of efficient and relevant national industrial development strategies.

About InnovationEye

Innovation Eye is a new company jointly founded by Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics to provide sophisticated market analytics, industry intelligence, comparative industry classification frameworks and benchmark case studies, using advanced tools for analysis and visualization of technology and innovation ecosystems through reports, custom-made consultancy products and services, and dynamic interactive online IT-platforms, in order to optimize the strategic agendas of international corporations and technocratic governments seeking to implement, stabilize and optimize their global positions in advanced technology-driven industries.


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