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HealthTech MobileApp
Industry Landscape Overview
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Deep Knowledge Analytics produced analytical report that provides an overview of the markets, technologies, companies, investors, trends, key drivers, challenges and opportunities in the HealthTech Mobile Applications industry and gives an insight into the competitive landscape of the industry and how it shapes the world.

Containing concisely summarized and structured information of mHealth space in general, the report aims to inform readers about the current and future trends adopted by the key players of the industry and to determine the overall competitiveness of the market.

The 76 pages document is based on the analysis of 100 mobile apps and 120 investors in the HealthTech Mobile Apps sector, including such subsectors as: Brain training, Geo tracking, Meditation, Nutrition, Period tracking apps, Productivity and Performance, Quantified Self apps, SleepTech, Sport and Fitness apps.

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